best slasher movies

Welcome, my twisted friends, to the home of the Best Slasher Movies ever made. If you love blood, guts and gore, this is the place for you!

I’ve compiled here for your demented and depraved viewing pleasure a splattering of some of the best slasher movies man has made. Check back often for updates. I will make sure I keep the page as bloody fresh as a newly decapitated corpse.

I will be offering a wide variety of horror movies – from your thinking man’s horror flick (they exist, believe me) to the straight forward blood spewing, head chopping, limb severing gorefests we all love so much.

This site is not for the weak of heart. If you can’t take a little blood, look elsewhere – this page will be drenched with it!

What else do I have to offer other than the best slasher movies ever made? Well what else do you need, I ask you. What else is there? How about free streaming movies that you don’t have to download? That’s right. No credit cards! No fees! No annoying downloads to hog the space on your hard drive! All you have to do is pick any cat-a-GORY from the menu on the right side of the page (example: Based On a True Story) to see the movies in that section (Stuck, A Haunting In Connecticut). If you already know which one you wanna watch click ‘read more of this gory tale‘. Click the red button and you’re ready to go! If you’re not sure what you wanna watch, read my always enthralling, entertaining and education review which is sure to make up your mind. Don’t see anything you’re interested in that catagory? Check out another one. It’s free folks so take your time. It’s always as easy as clicking the big red button and waiting until it turns green. When the button turns green, click it again. See? Simple!

So that’s my rant. I’ll get gone and let you watch people get hacked to bits to your heart’s content! Enjoy!


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